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As every athlete knows.. Sport's Massage helps to speed up recovery time from repetitive injuries and aches and pains. Your performance counts whether it is running a race or participating in strenuous exercise workouts and routines.. Sports Massage helps to relieve muscle spasms and to prevent soreness. It increases circulation and increases flexibility so that the range of motion is improved and allows the muscle to expand and to contract normally.

Sports Massage can identify the problem area's before they develop into injuries. It helps to relieve muscle tension and stress while increasing body awareness. Other benefits include softening of scar tissue caused by overuse and injury, while freeing the muscles from tightness and contraction.

The many benefits of Sports Massage combined with other various types of massage enhances the athlete;s performance, while relieving the biomechanical stress in the muscles. This aid's the athlete to train more consistently and more efficiently.


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